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A Phone Call from the character(s): 

It is just $10 for a phone call from the princess of your choice or $15 for a joint phone call from both the princess and her prince.  It is also possible to do a phone call from multiple princesses, but certain availability restrictions apply.  This can be done the day before the party to get the birthday girl excited for her upcoming party (if she is aware that the princess is coming to her party) or after the party to say "Thank you for letting me come celebrate with you!" You can even book a phone call at any time, not associated with a party: Just to say hi, wish her a happy holiday, cheer her up on a bad day, wish her good luck for her first day of school or anything else that comes along.  The length of your phone call will partly depend on how talkative the child is, but we aim for phone calls that are approximately 5 minutes in length.  This is also a great option for those outside of our service area.

(pricing based on phone calls to numbers within the United States)

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